Saturday, November 27, 2010

मैं बेगुनाह हूँ यारों...!!!

यह मेरा वतन है
इसमें दरार न डालो यारों,
जिन डालों पर कभी झूले थे
उस दरख्त को न काटो यारो...!!!

ज़र्रे ज़र्रे से जो महक उठती है
उसे सांसों मे भर लेने दो यारों,
सपने अभी पूरे कहाँ हुए हैं
थोडा और सो लेने दो यारों...!!!

कई यादें जुडी हैं उस आँगन से
अभी मेलों को चलने दो यारों,
यह जो नीला शामियाना है
उसे खून से धूमिल न करो यारों...!!!

बीज अभी ही तो बोए थे
फसल तो पक जाने दो यारों,
अभी चलना सीखा ही है
मुझे गिरने न दो यारों...!!!

पाने को जहाँ और भी हैं
कदम थमने न दो यारों,
आस्मां अभी और भी हैं
उड़ान रुकने न दो यारों...!!!

संवेदनाये मरने लगी हैं
इस शोर को ज़रा कम करो यारों,
आसूं तो पहले ही बह चुके हैं
अब खून तो बहने न दो यारों...!!!

अब भी जीने की चाहत है
जी भर के जी लेने दो यारों,
अन्दर ही अन्दर घुट के थक चुका हूँ
अब तो खुल के हस लेने दो यारों...!!!

गुनाह तो सियासतें करती हैं...
मैं बेगुनाह हूँ यारों...
मैं बेगुनाह हूँ यारों...!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

My bike hums a tune

When i touch my bike
When i turn on the ignition
it hums a slow, low, forgotten tune
that brims my heart with nostalgia.

It sings of the dusty roads
and dustier pubs we stopped by
It sings of the Nevada desert
and the Red Indian warcry.

We've been to many places
to overflowing markets, to empty stretched spaces
with the sky so blue and earth just brown
with the swindling dwindling road, leading to my hometown.

The bike's grown old and so have i
but the feeling to outspace time,I've been told
never really does die.

Mybike still hums the rusty tune
as it passes our last sand dune, &
My mind wanders back to old days
does my heart stops craving for more ? Nay..

My bike reminds me there's still a job to be done
and that's to outrun whom none have ever outdone
That's time, the mighty time
and i promise my mate,that time's gonna lag behind.

My bike hums a tune...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Polaroid Dreams

When i first looked at you
I felt the moment freeze
My dreams, my life, even the taste turned indigo
I could feel it in my soul,
the gentle soothing breeze.

That Polaroid of yours i took
I still carry it on me
And it still reminds me of the playground
and the innocent Christmas tree.

You have changed a lot since then
even i have trotted away from you
But the memories, those i still have, like the Polaroid
Believe it or not love, but i still do.

And promise is all that i can give
And promise i shall keep
That wherever you be, whatever you see
Baby I'll turn it all to that same Polaroid dream.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The cocktails i brew

Well, i was watching this Tom Cruise flick yesterday, "Cocktail"...and he plays a seriously cool guy in the movie...he serves drinks...and writes and recites verses now and then...which is his U.S.P...other than juggling glasses and mixing cocktails...and i got this idea to write a isn't completed yet...but drink the verses to your heart's content and let me know, how you like it...

The Cocktails i brew

This whiff, that floats over the drinks...
makes people go euphoric...dizzy,
Its so swish, like smoke's tail
Yes, that's my brewed cocktail...

It's effects aren't so strong
they just tend to linger a little long
Whichever you may like,
cubed or crushed ice
Or even a lemon slice
My drinks ooze spice

I toss them, i shake them
half the world drowns in my shots
I make them sleep, i wake them
i can actually remove the blue spots....

Well I've written only this much...